Tribo Sushi and Cocktails

Tribo Sushi and Cocktails

Enjoy Sushi and a chill night with friends? You should definitely visit Tribo Sushi and Cocktails while you are in Barcelona. Tribo has many great dishes for sushi lovers, and many visitors have loved the vibe and music of this restaurant. So make sure to visit!

Restaurant Club Bananas

Restaurant Club Bananas is one of the most colorful restaurants in Barcelona! With an amazing variety of food, this restaurant is known for its amazing Mexican food that everyone will enjoy. If you and your family are wanting to have a good fun time, Club Bananas is the place you want to go!

Leka Restaurant

Finding restaurants for vegetarians can be a difficult process when traveling to an unfamiliar place. But you are in luck because Leka Restaurant in Barcelona has many options for those who are vegetarian and who are not vegetarian. I heard the veggie burger was the best!